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The best websites are created with a keen understanding of visitors’ interests, needs and expectations. Text, visual design, organization and navigation should all work together to allow visitors to find key information and complete critical tasks quickly and easily.

Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage.

With accountability comes measurement, which in turn creates the need for metrics. In order for metrics to be effective, they must be based on a common set of terms, definitions, and practices. The Web Analytics Association (WAA) was founded to promote a global understanding of web analytics.

The WAA strives to connect and empower an informed and involved web analytics community. The association's goals are to disseminate and provide access to web analytics best practices, up-to-date information, and key resources to its members and to the greater analytics community.

The WAA established the Standards Committee to rationalize variations within the analytics community, and to create a standard terminology for the analytics community.

The intent of the Committee is to create a publication that sets benchmarks for the various measurement concepts, and to recommend that the community follows these standards as closely as possible.

Due to the relative youth of our industry, we understand that variations in metrics currently exist from tool to tool. In these cases, openness and transparency are strongly encouraged, especially where metrics are not in agreement with the established standard. The end goal is to have true metrics standards and uniform adoption of these standards throughout our industry.

The Committee is made up of members from all walks of web analytics life – vendors, practitioners, consultants, end-users – and so the final document is an amalgamation of various perspectives arrived at through a consensus. The Committee is very grateful to its members for volunteering their time in laying the foundation that will tremendously benefit the web analytics community.